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Tuesday 23 July 2013

One Year Later... & Giveaway!

One year. One blog. 698 followers later...

Can you believe it's been one year since Book Crazy's blog was created? What started as an idea has turned into a whirlwind adventure! There have been some amazing times and only one downfall *cough* Jordin Williams *cough* but regardless of that, Book Crazy has been embraced into the blogging world, and for that I am extremely grateful! I had no idea was an ARC was what I started blogging and I didn't think for a second that authors would ask me to review their books for them so I was completely surprised! I also don't think anyone knows how nerve-racking it is to wake up one day and say, "I'm going to make a book blog today!" I was so nervous to share my thoughts with the world, so it means everything to me that something I spent a lot of time on has been received well! It is not easy to run a blog, two Facebook pages, co-admin another Facebook page and still find time to read lol, but I manage and blogging has honestly turned out to be one of the best things that I've ever done in my life!

Through Book Crazy I have gotten to speak to some authors that were my favourite authors before I started a blog and I may or may not still internally fan girl when I do lol! I've also gotten to meet some authors that I probably wouldn't have discovered if I didn't blog!

There are several authors that I have to say thank you to for all their support! Some right from the start! Jessica Sorensen, Julia Crane, Lizzy Ford, Cambria Hebert, Cameo Renae, Shanora Williams, Felicia Tatum, L.P. Dover, Airicka Phoenix, L.B. Simmons, Jamie Canosa, Carey Heywood, Mari Arden, Brandy Jeffus, Mary Whitten, Kristie Cook, Amanda Alberson, Megan Squires, Candace Knoebel, Sonya Loveday! I could go on and on! So many authors have been a massive support to my blog and page and I can't say thank you enough!

There are several people that I have to say thank you to as well! Thank you Tarnya Rutheford, Cassie Chavez, Mallory Thorpe, Julie Bromley and Heather Andrews for your continuous support! I love talking about books with you guys!

And lastly, thank you to all the followers of my blog, all the likers on Book Crazy's Facebook page and to everyone who has supported me from day one! Let's continue to grow!

Until next year...

And now it's giveaway time!


  1. Awesome giveaway Kendall, and congrats on your 1yr blogoversary!!!

  2. Congrats, Kendall, on your Blogoversary!! You do a great job and have a kind heart!

  3. Congrats on your 1 year Blogoversary!!!

  4. Congrats on your Blogoversay!!

  5. Well done. I am hooked on your reviews etc so keep up the excellent work. Xx (fb Jordan Lang) xx