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Sunday 28 July 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Sink or Swim [Fight or Flight 1.5] by Jamie Canosa!

Publication date: 21st July 2013
Paperback edition: 209 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: There are some things you just can't walk away from.

When sleeping in vacant warehouses and dark alleys becomes preferable to living at home, something is seriously wrong. But when word reaches Allie that her mother is facing a life threatening illness, she has no choice but to return to the place of nightmares. Leaving wasn't a choice, it was a necessity, and if returning hadn't been equally necessary, Allie never would have set foot back inside that hell-hole.

Dean is no stranger to hardship, but the day Allie walked out of his life, taking his heart right along with her, was hands-down the most frustrating. Six months later, she's back and Dean refuses to rest until he figures out exactly what the hell happened.

Now, Allie's drowning. Drowning in lies. Drowning in the truth. Drowning in pain, and anger, and fear. But there comes a time when every drowning person must decide whether they will . . . Sink or Swim?

Favourite quote: "When I thought I’d lost you, those were the worst moments of my life. I couldn’t breathe. Because you’re my air, Allie. I can’t breathe without you. I love you more than anything in this whole world. I always have and I always will."

You know how sometimes you get one of those books that you have to spend a couple of days getting over before you can review it? Well, Sink or Swim is one of those books! Nothing could have prepared me for this book! Nothing! This book was absolutely amazing! I'm going to refer to it as a book rather than a novella as this was and felt like a full length book! I've been an avid fan of Jamie Canosa for ages now, but this book has got to be her best so far! I completely fell in love with the first book in this series and I thought that this book was going to be similar or be set in a similar background to Fight or Flight, but it was completely different! It was a completely different setting with completely different characters! The plot of Sink or Swim was really emotional! It had a lot in it and my heart completely broke for the characters! I didn't expect the plot of this book to be what it was as it was quite a heart-breaking book, but I think it's probably one of Jamie Canosa's best books! The plot was a whirlwind, but it was so amazing! Watching the main character go through what she did was horrible, but I loved that author didn't hold back and try to dramatize the situation! She showed it in its true nature and she didn't hold back even though it was really horrible for the main character! I really admire the author for that! The characters were amazing! Allie was the main character and I felt that she was a bit of an angry person, but then I thought about all the things she has endured and I realised that she actually hid behind a shell! She didn't want to show emotion because if she did then she suffered the consequences for it! After I realised this I started to connect with her more and I admired her so much! She had been put through a lot and what she had to endure was horrible! Dean was such a cutie! I absolutely adored him! He was so protective of Allie and I could see just how deep his feelings for her went! He would give up everything to save her and watching their relationship grow again was so beautiful! I loved that this book was written from both Allie and Dean's point of views as this gave me the chance to go into both of their heads and see the story through both of their eyes! I know that there's going to be another book to this series and I cannot wait to read it! This is my favourite series by this author and I love everything about it! I originally read this book before it had a cover and I didn't really have an idea as to what the cover could look like so when I did see it I was floored! It is absolutely stunning! Big thank you to Jamie for an ARC of Sink or Swim and also for having me on her Blog Tour!

Author bio:

Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Ravena, NY with her wonderful husband and three crazy kids . . . plus the dog, the bird and the rabbit.


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